About Us

We initially thought OpenCoder should be a programming only website, dedicated to scripts, language learning and maybe a market for custom tools & scripts. However, we decided that our tech experience will serve better if we write general tech tutorials (programming included of course), software guides and trick and interesting tools that we work it. In that spirit, OpenCoder was born and it’s presenting itself today. The team is formed by 2 friends, who are passionate enough to share the world their experience and their tech journey.

We strive on bringing you what we think it’s interesting for our readers, with no specific focus. The tech tree is such a big and beautiful beast, it’s almost impossible for a big site to cover all its corners, let alone a small venture like us. So please, bear with us, we’re just getting started.

If you have any tips or suggestions on what we can cover next, shoot us an email using our contact form and if we fit it’s interesting, we’ll get on it.

Happy reading!