Windows 10 Guide: Remove Hyperlinks from Excel Sheet

MS Office is a magnificent productivity suite that comes packed with the whole kit and caboodle of tools. Editing font type, size, and the color is kids’ play when you look at the host of its capabilities. You can add shapes, images, tables, video, link to other files and add hyperlinks. It’s just the baseline, however. MS Office entails a lot more.

If you want to remove strange formatting that found its way into your MS Word document, you can just select the text and hit “Clear Formatting.” This effectively removes any formatting and defaults the formatting to the original setting. However, “Clear Formatting” does not remove hyperlinks from a document.

In MS Excel, “Clear Formatting” seems all-too-hidden, but it does a few things better than its MS Word analogy. It effectively removes all hyperlinks from the selected cells, or from the entire sheet. Here is how you remove all hyperlinks from an MS Excel sheet.

Step 1. Launch MS Excel file you wish to edit.
Step 2. Open the respective sheet which needs hyperlinks removed. If you need to purge all hyperlinks select all cells in the sheet. The fast way to do it is to click the tiny grayish triangle in the top left cell, or use the shortcut:


Alternatively, select the column, cell, or row where you need to remove hyperlinks if you only need to remove a selection of hyperlinks.

Step 3. Select Home tab and scroll down through its options to the end → select Editing → Clear Formatting. Here, you will see a slew of tools that let you sort the cells in alphabetical order, apply some functions, search and replace data, etc.
Clear Formatting can remove hyperlinks in two different ways:

1) Clear Hyperlinks removes the hyperlinks but not the formatting. If the selected text was underlined, in bold, or colored, the formatting is preserved.
2) Remove Hyperlinks removes both the hyperlink and the formatting. The text will default to the MS Excel basic font, size, and color. All highlighting and another customized formatting will be removed.

Alternatively, you can use the pink eraser button, which has a neat drop-down menu of additional options.

Note 1: your sheet (cells, rows, or columns) must be selected before you click the Clear Formatting.
Now, when you open the drop-down menu of the pink eraser button, select Remove Hyperlinks. It’s at the very bottom of the options.
This removes the hyperlinks from selected areas.